A Fundraising Campaign


Hi! As many of us are stuck at home practicing social distancing during this time,

there is still a number of people and organizations affected hard by the pandemic.


I believe we all can play a part in helping each other in this difficult time. To play my part, I plan to help others

by making art, but I need your help. That’s why I created a campaign called “Draw Me. Monny”.


“Draw Me, Monny” aims at raising funds to help those in needs through arts. There are 4 sample art styles, with different prices, for you to choose.

70% of the fees will go to support through Friends-International the people who is affected from the virus.





a very simplified full body illustration style that features minimal colors, cool posture, and fun elements.

15 USD





vector art cartoonist style of you

with your favorite hobby, activity

or maybe with your pet.

35 USD


Process Timelapse

+5 USD

Say what? You want to see the process? Say no more, with the price of maybe 2 cups of bubble tea, you will receive a timelapse video of the drawing process along with the artwork.

You might want to see how dumb my drawing process is, or you might want to follow along, who knows. 





a stylish illustration inspired by OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) mixed with rich colors combination and focusing on the clothing details

like fabric patterns, socks graphic, sneakers and so on.

55 USD





artistic / realistic illustration with playful colors.

80 USD

Add Motion

+15 USD

With an extra of 15 USD you will get a looping animation of your artwork like coffee smoke, blowing hair, floating object and more.

The animation will be provided in 

.Gif and .Mp4 file.


Hang Out

+50 USD

No freaking way!

It's like an one-on-one class, guys. You'll get to do a video chat with me

to see me draw your artwork in real time, ask me any question related to the

drawing. I'll guide you through the process from start to finish.

I'll give you my personal tips and advices, maybe a list of

to-watch on Netflix, too. Why not! 

This option is limited to only 2 persons / week. 1 on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

Session duration will be based on the art style. 

Artboard 9.png

I would like to thank the people at Friends-International and everyone who's involved

in supporting in any possible way such a good cause during this hard time.


Friends-International is an international social enterprise and registered non-governmental organization

established in Cambodia. They are working across Southeast Asia to save lives and build futures of the most

marginalized children, youth and their families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are providing

much needed emergency support to the most vulnerable communities.

to learn more about Friends-International.